“We make it so easy” has been one of our guidelines as we built the CRM.

We had a team of people that represent all the important functions: The scheduler, the CSR, the accounts payable, Sales managers, marketing and a director.

We focused on building a layer on top of a layer of functions to support and address as many needs and requirements as possible but – keeping it simple.

Our CRM has the ability to reach and present information through different ways, so you can find what suits for you.

SOME of the main advantages with Bond CRM

Bond CRM makes it easy. We have a practice that our customers appreciate. Customising, adding features. We see this as an advantage to all users and not as a problem. So we try and implement feedbacks and customisation when possible.

What do users say?

“I go in to my world function all the time, it keeps track for me on everything! “

“Looking at our receivables with one click is amazing…..” -

“so easy and simple to use and yet has everything I Need “

“I can’t believe the RIO with this CRM, affordable and helps us grow sales “