Bond CRM is a company that we have created based on real life requirements of businesses. The needs were identified based on the experience of CEO’S, Marketing managers, Operations managers, CSR’s , service companies , sales teams and more.

The CEO of a big cooperation says “an excellent CRM that helps us manage all the aspects, services, operations, business development, basically every detail, we have access to all the information , run sophisticated reports and all is so easy to use. It’s a 'one stop shop' CRM.

Bond CRM has successfully integrated all the functions required to prevent 'double entry'.
No more entry in one system and re entering in another. No need to keep a seperate spreadsheet running for scheduling and a CRM or a CRM entry and a QuickBooks entry.  BOND CRM has successfully integrated all the needs in to one application, and the focus was keeping it as easy as can be.

We understand the requirements such as

Our Bond CRM is easy to use and has the ability:

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